COVID-19 Info

Chilkoot High Adventure Base is committed to the safety of our guests, staff, and the general public. While COVID-19, presents a threat to public health, we are hopeful that by the start of the 2021 season that there is a vaccine and we are closer to normal operations.

We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns, but we also highly recommend following updates from Alaska’s Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS):

Alaska DHSS COVID Info

During these times of uncertainty, we’ve implemented the following measures to adjust our operations and minimize transmission of the disease during this pandemic. Here are a few important things to note before attending your trip:

PRE-SCREENING – We are requiring all guests pre-screen for COVID-19 before travelling to attend their trip. We encourage guests to seek testing prior to travel, although testing is also available within Alaska if you are unable to obtain a test beforehand — Please allow extra time if you intend to test on arrival in Alaska as results may take up to a week to return. Travelers without recent negative test results must quarantine until they know the results of their test. Be prepared to follow any and all screening requirements in transit (airports) and locally here in Alaska to avoid being placed under quarantine order.

HAND WASHING – All trips will have designated hand washing stations. Hand sanitizer will be provided on every program and we expect all guests and staff will wash hands before handling group equipment, participating in meals/cooking, and following trips to the bathroom.

SANITATION – Our staff will be following rigorous guidelines for cleaning and disinfection of our workplaces, vehicles, and company equipment. We will have daily cleaning of our office and expedition center. All vehicles will be disinfected following use and extra time will be allotted prior to a driving shift so drivers can complete a vehicle inspection and ensure the vehicle has been appropriately cleaned/disinfected for use.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – We recognize outdoor activities may sometimes require close interactions such as inspecting a guests equipment for fit and safety, or assisting someone carrying a heavy piece of equipment (kayaks, etc..). Any guest who is not comfortable with potential exposure risks may opt to postpone their trip and receive full credit to attend at a later date.
We will be taking additional measures to help reduce exposure risks. This includes reducing the maximum group size on our programs, reducing the capacity of our vehicles, and working to limit unnecessary interactions while on the trip to reduce exposure risk.

COHORTS - We will utilize a system of cohorts, small – designated groupings of guests and staff to minimize interactions within the overall groups and increase the capability to contact trace should positive COVID cases arise.

FIELD GROUPS – We are planning to use smaller groups within trips to limit interactions and make it easier to contact trace if necessary. Guests may be asked to pair up with specific individuals, preferably a travel partner or member of their household to perform actions unable to be carried out alone (i.e. – lifting heavy equipment), we expect pairings will remain consistent throughout the trip so unnecessary exposure to additional individuals is avoided.

FACE COVERINGS – We will require face coverings (masks) to attend your trip with us. Face covering must be worn when in public settings, confined spaces such as vehicles, and other aspects of the trip where

GUIDES & STAFF - our team will be screened daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Routine temperature checks and protocols are in place to enable a safe working environment for staff.

ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION PAPERWORK – In light of the global impact of Novel Coronavirus, IWLS has prepared an additional registration form outlining the inherent risks associated with travel during the pandemic. While we have strived to create an operating plan that greatly reduces the risk of transmission, your decision to travel could result in contracting this viral illness. If you have received and/or completed registration paperwork for your trip (prior to March 2020), we will be reaching out with an additional form specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. This form is intended to spread awareness about the inherent risk and confirm your acknowledgement and understanding of risk involved with a decision to travel during the pandemic.

ROLL-OVER CREDIT OPTIONS – We understand you may have concerns over travel during these difficult times, if you don’t feel comfortable with the potential exposure risk associated through travel we are happy to offer 100% credit towards a rescheduled trip/program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call, or email our office for assistance.

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