Instructor Nickel Wood using a snow probe to check for hidden crevasses at base camp on the Garrison Glacier, Haines, AK. -Adam Clifton

SAFETY: Safety is our top priority. We have had no major incidents or accidents in nearly 20 years of operating courses around the world. We have a perfect safety record. This is a function of the professionalism, risk management experience and competency of the staff of Chilkoot High Adventure Base staff. IWLS plays a leading role in industry risk management practices and supports incident response efforts around the world. Chilkoot High Adventure Base offers scouts the safest and highest quality outdoor leadership training available.

INDUSTRY LEADERS: IWLS was the first leadership program to carry satellite phones on all courses. We continue to raise the standard for outdoor leaders in regards to first aid training, risk management, and incident response. We were the first wilderness school to carry pulse oximeters on all treks and climbs that go to altitude. In addition to using satellite phones, Chilkoot High Adventure Base maintains tight communication with courses in the field through SPOT satellite messengers, emergency position indicating radiobeacons (EPIRBS), and ground to air radios.

RESCUE SUPPORT: IWLS has supported hundreds of rescues and evacuations in Alaska, South America, and the Himalaya.  We have assisted with over one hundred evacuations and rescues on Kilimanjaro alone.  Haines High Adventure Base instructors are actively involved in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) organizations around the country.  We work closely with land management agencies and other organizations in support of emergency response and evacuation operations in all course locations.

RISK MANAGEMENT EXPERTS: The Chilkoot High Adventure Base and International Wilderness Leadership School family of companies take over 60,000 guests annually on trips and courses ranging from rock climbing and sea kayaking, to helicopter skiing and whitewater rafting. IWLS leads professional seminars on risk management throughout the world. We have presented risk management courses and consulting services to the government of St. Kitts, Mexican EMS, Alaska EMS, East African outfitters, and tour companies in Alaska and Mexico.

Sea Kayaking in Glacier Bay National Park. -Nathaniel Stephens