Troop Comments

Thank you for making our trip such a tremendous experience.  The Chilkoot High Adventure Base was our first choice after months of research and you did not disappoint us!   Planning a trip to Alaska with a group of Scouts in no simple task, but your staff was very easy to work with over the phone and by email.  Each person was extremely knowledgeable and described the activities as if they had just done them the day before.  We had lots of questions and you answered them in a friendly, inviting way that made us want to experience the unique Alaskan way of life.   By the way, thank you for advising us on travel arrangements — the ferry ride to Haines was part of the adventure itself!  Your guides were all top-notch.  They were highly skilled professional teachers who knew their stuff, but were also very interesting and engaging people.  They were great role models for the boys and they showed sincere interest in each of them.  Everything we did was a new adventure and you turned a group of flat land-living kids into glacier-traversing mountaineers. You turned casual canoe paddlers into avid sea kayakers and whitewater rafters.  You did all of this in a fun and supportive environment, surrounded by beautiful scenery in every direction.  We look forward to our next trip to Haines!

- Damon H., Asst. Scoutmaster Troop 58, Rochester, IL.


“We had the best trip of our Scouting lives! It really was the trip of a lifetime for a lot of our crew.

- Jeff V.


“Our instructors were always professional. Their language, actions, and stories were always appropriate for teens. They were incredibly entertaining, amusing the kids with stories of their adventures and striving to get to know a little about each participant. Our kids ADORED these instructors and could not stop gushing about what a top notch , once in a lifetime experience they had.”

-Brandon H.


“Their banter was always extremely appropriate and their attention to safety was never in question. As the leader of these girls, it made me very comfortable for their safety and allowed me to relax enough to also participate.  We had a zippin’ good time!”

-Barbara Childs (Girl Scout Troop 50512)


“We were up early again this morning to say a sad farewell to our mountain guides in Haines. They’ve done a magnificent job – one of the most professional and thoughtful outfits we’ve used – and they’ve really pulled out all the stops to make sure the scouts have a cool time.”

-Ed Grimsey  1st Hersham Scout Troop B – England


“This is the scouting adventure that all boys dream of, that young men are reaching for, that scout masters yearn to share with their troops.  That incredible journey into the wilds of Alaska.  Finally, it is here. It is waiting for you.  It is possible.

The Chilkoot High Adventure base was developed by the staff of the International Wilderness Leadership School, and scouts and scout leaders just like you.  Their vision is your dream.  Professional wilderness guides and instructors from IWLS offer you safe, quality wilderness adventures.  With them,  I have taken  Venturer crew 71 of Haines Alaska; white water rafting, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking and sea kayaking .  Their staff are more then just wilderness guides.  They are supreme instructors and mentors who put safety first.  Within an hour of their hand shake they will call you by name.  Within a day they will be your friend.  You will trust them with your life as they lead you into the wilds of Alaska’s most pristine scenery that will take your breath away.

Feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, see it all, live that dream.  Come to Haines and let us share this with you.”

-Greg Podsiki, Venture Crew 71 Crew Leader, Haines, Alaska


“We contacted several organizations that offered a variety of treks in various parts of Alaska and found you to be the most flexible and all inclusive for the activities that we were looking for. You and your staff’s attitude, service, and willingness to assist our Scouts with an affordable and memorable experience are the “HIGHLIGHTS”  of our Alaska experience.”

-Mark Losse, Committee Chairman, Troop 416 Florida